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Inventory is starting to trickle in and we are hoping to have our store fully loaded with many inventory choices within the next few months.  It has been a long road.  Any orders that are on back order remain open and ship at the time the products are available.  If you choose to order an item from our store during a back order, we will notify you of the estimated time of arrival.  Manufacturing has slowed down across the board on all products due to COVID-19, however it is finally picking up and everyone is excited to fill their shelves. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning any of our products or questions in regards to your order.  We are still answering our e-mails. 

As a Veteran of the United States Military there was not an option for us to not get vaccinated while serving this great country whether here or abroad.  I can attest for all Military Branches that when we served abroad we had to get vaccinated to help protect us from disease while serving in our geographical location.  When we were protected, not only were were we protecting ourselves, we were protecting YOU!  Please get vaccinated and help your neighbor, your country and most of all yourself!  God Bless, stay safe, get vaccinated and have a blessed day!

Extra Information, research yourself.  

You can easily read about our troops getting vaccinated.  Vaccines saves lives.  Additionally, when troops are assigned to specific duty stations they are given the vaccinations that are targeted to protect them from the risks found in their assigned geographic locale or that are specifically related to their assignment (IOM, 1996).

During the Gulf War, a number of different immunobiologics (e.g., cholera, meningitis, rabies, tetanus, and typhoid vaccines) were sent to protect against potential exposures to biological threats (Committee on Veterans' Affairs, 1998). Concerns prior to the Gulf War regarding Iraq's offensive biological warfare capabilities, led to decisions that available vaccines should be utilized as preventive measures against biological warfare agents. It is estimated that 310,680 doses of the anthrax vaccine licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were distributed to the Gulf War theatre and that 150,000 U.S. troops received at least one anthrax vaccination (Christopher et al., 1997; Committee on Veterans' Affairs, 1998).